Shrimps with garlic


Baby squid croquettes with lactonese and parsley (4U)

Stuffed avocado with shrimps, quinoa and pico de gallo

Fried meat pie "Empanada argentina"

Fried dired tomato and mozzarella pie "Empanada argentina"

"Humita" pie "Empanada argentina”

Board of Iberian ham from acorn-fed pigs

Grilled provolone cheese

Grilled provolone cheese with cherry tomato and pesto sauce


Grilled rustic bread with garland tomatoes and garlic

Squid in Andalusian style with Peruvian chili sauce

Patatas bravas “El Foro” style
Fried potatoes with spicy sauce of sweet rocoto chilly and chive

Fried eggs with French fries and iberian ham or black pudding

Grilles vegetable with romesco sauce (catalan sauce with base of nuts and red peper)

Fried chicken with reduction of vegetables and soy sauce

Iberian ham and brazed asparagus homemade croquette

Argentinian sausages

Black pudding onion

Grilled veal gizzards



Burrata and papaya salad
Spinach, crushed almond, braised pepper, pumpkin, burrata

Escarole and pear salad
Fried yucca, blue cheese, walnuts, pear, escarole, and reduction of Pedro Ximenez

Goat cheese and tabulé salad
Bulgur, aubergine, goat cheese salad, crushed hazelnut, cherry tomato and reduction of wine and cardamom

Quinoa an prawns salad
Quinoa, avocado, pico de gallo, prawns, orange, soy vinaigrette and sesame, strawberries and dill oil

Tomato textures with tunna belly
Dry tomato, cherry tomatoes, Barbastro tomato, kumato, tuna belly, black olives vinaigrette and green chillies

Mix salad El Foro style
Cucumber, roman lettuce, red and tender onion, radish, grated egg, corn and his vinaigrette


Bio venere rice with squids, mushrooms and vegetables in their oriental sauce

Red rice with soy textures in his sauce

Home-made pastas

White truffle ravioli


Pumpkin gnocci

Beef ravioli

Spinach and ricotta ravioli

All our pastas are fresh and home-made

Our sauces:
POMODORO E BASÍLICO: natural tomato, garlic and basil
BOLOGNESA: Ground beef, tomato, onion, carrot and celery
PESTO: Pine nut kernels, basil, garlic, parmesan cheese and olive oil
FOUR TYPES OF CHEESE: gorgonzola, taleggio, emmenthal & parmesano
VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: olive oil and Parmesan shavings


30 Dry-aged picanha of Rubia Gallega premium with grilled corn

Rib-eye of Aberdeen Angus

Think flank of beef
with grilled potato

Veal steak “Churrasco criollo”
with grilled potato

Veal rib
with grilled potato

“Bife de Chorizo” 350gr, low back, Aberdeen angus (Argentina)

“Bife de chorizo” 250gr, low back, Aberdeen angus (Argentina)

Beef tenderloin (fillet mignon) with potato purée and grilled vegetable

Assortment of grilled meat "Criolla"
veal ribs, churrasco, black pudding and Argentinian sausage

Assortment of grilled meat El Foro special (for 2 persons)
veal rigs, churrasco, chicken, black pudding, Argentinian sausage and veal gizzards

Our souces
- Mushrooms souce
- Chimichurri sauce (spice)
- Criolla (red pepper, green pepper, tomato,onion, oil and vinega)

T-Bone Steak "Chuletones"

Frisona of “Sidreria” rib steak.
Minimum 20 days dry-aged

Frisona t-bone steak (holsteins) of burgos
40 days dryed-age (one garnish to choose)

"Rubia gallega" rib steak
50 days dryed-age (one garnish to choose)

Other meats

Slow temperature pork ribs with barbecue sauce and apple purée

300gr Burger with goat cheese, rocket and tomato jam

Duck magret with soy sauce, honey, ginger and garnished with sweet potato purée and a reduction of wine

Grilled chicken with french fries


Breaded veal with french fries and salad

Breaded veal with tomato sauce, ham and mozzarella cheese

Two fried eggs extra


Salmon tartar
marinated in soy, sesame oil, Japanese onion with avocado and quinoa in beetroot

Red yellow fin tuna tartar
with a base in bio rice, pack choi, edamame and kimtchy mayonnaise

Steamed sea bass
with cauliflower purée, sautéed mushrooms and soy and ginger reduction

Andalusian style gilthead bream fillet with creole sauce

Baked salmon
with oriental vegetables, mango sauce, rose pepper and black olive sand

Others specialities

Steak tartar
with a gelification of egg yolk , old mustard, crispy cappers, pickles and perrins and ponzu sauce

Rubia gallega dryed aged steak tataki
with sweet potato in ponzu sauce, chive and amaretto gelatin


Pizza with italian ham, mushroms and mozarella

Pizza margarita
fresh tomato, mozzarella & oregano

Goat cheese pizza
Tomatoe, mozzarella cheese, goat cheese, caramelized onion and oregan

Chef's suggestions

Grilled octopus with “revolconas” potatoes
Trio of hummus with plantain chips
Think flank La Gaucha style
Fried artichokes
Cod fritters with lime mayonnaise
Hamburger with provolone and potatoes "El Foro" style
SIMMENTAL 60 Days of dry aging. High marbling (min. 800gr)

Table of cheese

Board 3
Board 1 + Board 2

EL BOTÀS. Raw cow's milk. Semi. Soft skin (La Cerdanya)
CUIROL RODÓ. Raw alpine goat’s milk. Soft. Mouldy rind. (El Berguedà)
EL TOU MADURAT AMB FONGS. Raw sheep's milk. Soft. Mouldy rind (Pallars Sobirà)

VECIANA MADURAT. Raw goat milk. Hard. Natural skin (Anoia)
VILADEMÀGER SERRAT D’OVELLA. Raw sheep's milk. Hard. Natural skin (Anoia)
BLAU DEL JOTGLAR. Raw cow's milk. Soft. Blue cheese (Osona)


Ice-cream or sorbet shot

Green tea and coconut truffles

Chocolate Nemesis (gluten free) with vanilla ice cream

Orange pie

Tatin tart with blackberries

Black cherry sachertorte

Pancakes filled with milk caramel

Cheesecake ingot with coulis of red fruits

Catalan cream of mango with vanilla ice cream

Catalan cheese board

All our cakes are home-made

Cokctail menu

White rum, lime, mint leaves, crushed ice and soda water

Vodka, lime and crushed ice

Tequila sunrise
Tequila, orange juice and grenadine

Geneva, vermouth and campari

Aperol spritz
Aperol, sparkling wine and sparkling water

Expresso Martini
Coffee, coffee liqueur, vodka and sugar

Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice

Old fashioned
Bourbon, angostura and sugar

Mojito (non-alcoholic)
Lima, mint leaves, ginger ale and crushed ice

Shirley temple (nom-alcoholic)
Ginger ale, orange juice and grenadinec


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